What is Ray’s Journey?

Image via Sean Tucker

This is a blog to document my one-year journey of establishing passive income sources and achieving financial freedom.

I know this is not something that can be accomplished in just one year, but I needed to create some sort of a deadline to measure my progress and see if I can actually do it. And the reason I thought of creating a blog about it is so that I can find the motivation to work on this on daily basis and not give up on it. I will feel obliged to carry on with my journey so that I would have something to share here. It is also a way of keeping track of this little big experiment.

The journey is going to follow my trials at the many ways of creating passive and active income, online and offline. I will test which ones do work, which not so much, and which are a complete waste of time; plus any related tips and tricks and useful information I run into and any obstacles or difficulties I may face.

I am also hoping that along the way I would get to meet people who are on the same path as myself or people who already did go through that journey and can help me with mine through their experience.

So, thank you in advance for joining me on my journey, whoever you are!