Welcome to the Brag Side!

Do you have a well-thought-out article and you wish for that magic wand to polish it before publication? Or is it a topic in mind and you just can’t find that enchanting approach that would attract the readers? Well, guess what? You just found your magic genie!

I can help you edit or copy edit any type of article you are currently working on. As a former copy-editor in a publishing corporation, I have an experience in copy editing scientific articles and research papers; and as someone who has been writing and editing their own writings since the age of 7, I have experience in editing fiction and non-fiction pieces of writing as well. (I took a few courses too!)

I am widely interested in literature, entertainment, religions, world news, self improvement, healthy lifestyle, and DIY among other things. I am an avid researcher, so I can almost write about any topic you have in mind.

I also happen to have a thing for design.

All you need to do is email me with the specifications of your request and, voilà, you will have one less task to worry about!