About Ray

Ray A. Roshdy, the founder of TRJ & TRJ Lifestyle, is a telecom engineer-turned-blogger who has an undying passion for research and writing. 

And with a dream to reach financial freedom, pursue writing full time, and lead a healthy, fulfilling life, Ray created TRJ.

For the first two years, she dedicated her time entirely to study, write about, and experiment with the different methods one can use their skills and knowledge to create passive income sources, along with the habits and routines to implement to achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle.

In her quest to turn the life of her dreams a reality, Ray was hoping to inspire others along the way to do the same and pursue their life goals and dreams, no matter how hard they may appear to be.

As time passed, TRJ indeed started transforming, from a one-woman show, to a community of exceptionally remarkable group of people who are quickly becoming an integral part of this journey.

TRJ succeeded in establishing an indispensable group of dedicated and highly motivated readers and subscribers, from different walks of life, who joined in for the journey and successfully follow the many paths we experiment with on TRJ, to achieve the life of their dreams.

Additionally, we now have a number of highly knowledgeable contributors, in several different fields, who contribute their knowledge and experience to add more value to the readers of this site.

On those hours of day when Ray is not working on TRJ, she’s teaching English, writing fiction, attempting to sketch, or feeding birds.

TRJ things that are always free to join:

  • If you want to join some fun activities and challenges and improve the quality of your life at the same time, join #TheRayChallenge. There is a new challenge every month.
  • If you are a blogger, writer, or creative of any type, there is a supportive community of creatives you can join at TRJ For Bloggers.

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