Small Steps, BIG Changes


#TheRayChallenge is a monthly challenge and it varies every month, with the main purpose of helping improve the quality of your life through making small changes to your lifestyle, one day at a time.

Are you up for a challenge?

This month we are focusing on getting better-looking abs!

If you want to start working out and need some motivation and encouragement to do it, you’ve come to the right place!

Starting January 1st, we will start a workout challenge focusing on Abs (abdominal muscles).

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry our challenges are quite flexible. You can make it a hard and heavy workout and you can make it a 15-minute per day light workout.

The point is to “work out” every day.

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Do I really need an excuse to attach a GIF of a dog helping a cat ice skate by having her clutch onto his scarf as they slide away?

How to join the challenge

To join, you can simply tweet your daily progress using #TheRayChallenge hashtag on Twitter.

However, you can join the team, if you would like to receive the challenge’s free printables and some useful tips to help you throughout the challenge!

(These will also be editable PDF copies, so you can use them on your phone/laptop to keep it digital.)

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“A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.”