Small Steps, BIG Changes

Small Steps, BIG Changes

#TheRayChallenge is a monthly challenge and it varies every month, with the main purpose of helping improve the quality of your life through making small changes to your lifestyle, one day at a time.

Are you up for a challenge?

This month I’m doing the silence challenge again.

A 48-hour of complete silence. No speaking, texting, posting on social media. If it is your first time trying it, maybe start with 24 hours first, and then see if it is something you can do for a longer period of time—like a vow of silence.

The aim of this challenge is to benefit from the many rewards of being silent.

Why take the silence challenge?

  • It relaxes the muscles
  • It helps you become a better listener
  • You think more about your words and how and why you use them
  • It strengthens your will power and increases your patience
  • It helps you control your emotions and reduce your tendancy for impulsive speech
  • It forces you to focus on your inner self
  • It can be inspiring and, when practiced long enough, can put you at a peace of mind.
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How to join #TheRayChallenge

To join, you can simply tweet your intention using #TheRayChallenge hashtag on Twitter.

Or Post about it on IG (and tag me @therayjourney, I’d love to cheer you on!)

You can also use one of the below graphics to announce your silence for the day you choose!

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Participants’ comments/feedback

“I lost 14 KGs, felt so good to gain health and vitality!” – Taryn (full body workout challenge)

“Encouraged me to exercise/meditate more consistently while doing the challenge. I referenced the email tips often”…”One thing that I found to be true is you don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. Every day I have committed to my meditation routine early in the morning and it has changed my life. I’m in a good mood and feel less stress.” – Latisha (workout and meditation challenges)

“I did the hydration and meditation challenges and both of those were outside my normal routines. After each of the challenges, they didn’t stick right away, but a foundation was built so over time those habits slowly started to become more instinctual.” – John (hydration and meditation challenges)

“I got in 10k steps (4 walks). First time in months! The days since have been 20 – 30 minutes of walking daily. Went hiking today for an hour, plus one more walk.” – Kathy (30 min workout)

“I’m starting to see muscle definition on my arms and thighs(my problem areas), I’m so happy”…”I’m satisfied with my results this month: lost 2,5kg.” – Red K. (full body workout challenge)

“Starting the challenge in December helped me to stay on track of doing my daily exercices at a time I was less motivated! It was just what I needed.” – Frédérique (abs challenge)

“I am falling asleep way faster than when I just used to sit all day long. Changes are happening, slowly but surely.” – Nikola (full body workout challenge)

“I have been practicing meditation each day thanks to my wonderful friend Ray at therayjourney.com – #TheRayChallenge – Small steps, BIG changes. I have to admit, practicing meditation daily has given me a new look on life.” – Latisha

“It’s great to see how much easier it is after a few days! I started suffering with series of 10, muscle pain & feeling old. Now I’m at 15+ & no muscle pain on the day after.” – Anthony (abs challenge)

“I’ve found it easier than I thought it would and it’s helped me get a lot of things I’ve been putting off done!” – Tinka (screen time challenge)

Ready to take on this new challenge?

“A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.”