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Ever since I started blogging (which is not that long ago actually, just Dec 2018), I realized that there were many bloggers out there who worked hard on their blogs and had some amazing content, but not enough readers.

And I had this nagging urge of wanting to support them in some way, but I wasn’t sure what more can be done beside just reading their blogs.

In June 2019, however, I got this idea to create an account on Twitter that is just dedicated to helping bloggers reach a wider audience and interact and make new blogging friends.

It started out as just retweeting their blog links and encouraging them to read each other blogs through comment threads and such.

And then through this account, I found many bloggers who were just starting out and didn’t know who to ask if they have a question about their blog.

Blogging is so much more than just writing articles. And there are so many questions that pop up along the way. So we could all use having someone with more experience or someone who’s been through it before to help out.

And this inspired our weekly #TRJSupport thread on Twitter, where bloggers can ask or answer any blogging-related questions.

TRJ For Bloggers Schedule on Twitter
TRJ For Bloggers’ current daily schedule for activities on Twitter.

Luckily, this didn’t turn out to be a complete flop, thanks to the amazing bloggers who started interacting and actively participating in our daily activities in such a short time.

And that encouraged me to think of ways to improve this idea to provide even more support; a list of different other groups and activities followed.

We started a private group chat on Telegram (initially started as a Twitter group chat then moved to include more people). A space for bloggers who want to be part of a closed group, where we can have conversations, share our work, and receive feedback, etc.

And because ideas sometimes just keep coming through my mind non-stop, I wanted a way for us bloggers and creatives to have more social reach and have a bigger audience for our work, beyond our own social media followers.

So, in November 2019, a Twitter group chat was created for bloggers and creators who would rather be part of a cross-promotional group. A group dedicated strictly to sharing and hyping each other’s work and products on social media.

It is a small group, but everyone there is super supportive and we all help each other out however way we can, which is what this is about.

Then, in April 2020, TRJ For Bloggers also joined Facebook, because why not?

It is different from Twitter, gives a better sense of community being a closed group to only members, and people have more space to discuss their ideas (no word limit). So I thought let’s be there for those who prefer Facebook.

However, I make sure that no one place has the same set of activities as the other. So if you are a part of every one of these groups, you are getting something different out of every one of them. (Also, if you’re in all of them, you’re a star!)

Finally, in December 2020, I wanted to create a different group that’s not just for blogging and bloggers, but a space for all creatives (artists, writers, photographers, youtubers, podcasters, etc..) to make friends and chat about any random topics. So this is when the Creators Chat on Twitter was born.

Wait.. did I say we also have Pinterest group boards?

Because we most definitely do! Below are the current available categories for money, business, marketing and health niches.

And soon there will be more categories for Lifestyle Bloggers when TRJ Lifestyle is launched.

TRJ For Blogger Pinterest group boards
TRJ For Bloggers Pinterest group boards

TRJ For Bloggers is one of the things I’m happy I started, because it gave me the opportunity to know so many wonderful people in the blogging community that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

And what makes this work and keeps me encouraged to create more groups and activities is the brilliant and motivated bloggers who keep joining in and participating and help grow this small community a little each day. Thanks for not letting this flop guys!

If you are a blogger, writer, or a creative of any type, you will find a supportive community with TRJ For Bloggers. So come join us!


14 thoughts on “TRJ For Bloggers”

  1. You’re doing a massive contribution for the blogging community! Your platform has helped me and many other bloggers who are searching for a bigger audience! Thank you so much for your writer lifts and promotional posts. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Oh this means so much to me! Thank you so much for your feedback, Mary! So happy to know it’s been useful to you. ?

  2. Thank you for creating these communities. I felt alone as a blogger until I found your Twitter account. Joining your Twitter community has literally changed my blogging life!

  3. Absolutely great stuff for bloggers. Hope more bloggers may find their way and get exposed to larger audience.

    Thanks for the initiative

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