Successful Entrepreneurs Have Said These Are The Best 10 Business Strategies

What does it take for an entrepreneur to start a successful business? Learn the 10 strategies you should follow as a new business owner to guarantee your startup success. A contribution by Emma Sumner.


When it comes to various entrepreneurs and their “road to success” stories, the first thing you need to realize is that every single story is different. There is not a single, sure-fire way you can reach success nor is there a single recipe for triumph.

However, the fact is that there are certain things successful business people do differently, and there certainly are some great business strategies that will enable you to move into the right direction when success is concerned.

That being said, we have researched some of the best business strategies that will enable you to boost your business efforts and launch you on the right way to reach success with your commercial enterprise. It is also important to mention that these are not listed in any particular order of importance–they are all equally vital.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Have Said: These Are The Best 10 Business Strategies

1. Create a business plan

As Bob Wilson, a co-principal of Stoney-Wilson Business Consulting would put it, “You need a destination and you need a map to get there.”

In other words, your destination is reaching success with your business efforts and your map is your business plan. A well-developed business plan will enable you to identify the means you have at your disposal and determine the goals you want to achieve with your enterprise.

It will also help you stay on the right track and have a far better perspective. This all goes to say that you can’t expect to reach success if you rush into starting a business blindly.

2. Secure necessary funding

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have the necessary funding to support your business from the get-go.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not securing enough funds to cover their business expenses until their endeavor becomes sustainable and profitable on its own.

It is also advisable for any entrepreneur out there to build a relationship with their bank before the need for a loan arises, because the fact of the matter is that the question is “when” and not “if” it will happen.

It would also be best to get a credit card or a bank loan when the business doesn’t actually need it and use them to boost credit history and develop a relationship with the bank.

3. Brand your business

Branding is a crucial part of any business. If done correctly, it will bring greater exposure, more loyal customers, and overall greater success to your business.

Your brand is basically the way people see your business as a whole, which means that there really is no room for error during this process.

By managing to create a strong brand, not only will you make your business more memorable and easily recognizable by your customers, but you will also show your leads what to expect from your business in general.

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4. Create a marketing strategy

Marketing your business the right way is one of the key factors that will determine the level of success you will be able to reach with your business.

Aside from the traditional marketing channels you definitely shouldn’t neglect at any cost, digital marketing can help you immensely in putting your business out there.

So, invest in social media marketing but try to focus all of your efforts only on the most relevant platforms to avoid stretching your efforts (as well as your budget) too thin.

Also, look into SEO and other forms of digital marketing you can use to your advantage. Do know that among all of these, online reviews–especially the ones on third party websites–appeal most to consumers who see them as a sort of a word-of-mouth recommendation and tend to find them to be the most trustworthy.

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5. Pay attention to your employees

Employee satisfaction is something that plays a huge role in any business’s success, but it is also, unfortunately, something many employers seem to forget.

What makes a business truly successful is the ability to not only attract, but actually retain quality workers. That is exactly why every employer who dreams of reaching success should ensure that their employees are happy and well taken care of.

There are so many ways you can achieve this, from investing in your employees and their personal development to creating them an inspiring work environment.

You can easily achieve this with just some carefully selected design elements and even by hanging up a couple of framed motivational and good luck quotes.

6. Employ customer retention strategies

Aside from being able to retain your employees, you also need to employ some customer retention strategies.

Do know that managing to retain an old customer and encourage them to come back and do repeat business with you is much more profitable than trying to attract a new one.

Here, you can use special deals, coupons and sales to your advantage, but also try out personalized emails and thank-you cards.

7. Boost sales to drive revenue

The thing you, as a business owner, need to ensure at any time is a positive cashflow. One of the ways to grow your revenue, and thus secure a predictable positive cashflow, is by boosting your sales.

There are three main ways you can achieve this:

  • You can focus on quick sales and sealing the deal fast–with discounts, special offers, and sales.
  • On the other hand, you can choose to work with your customers and focus on coming up with a solution to the problem or shortcoming they have noticed in your offer.
  • Finally, you can offer your customers something they themselves didn’t even notice they have missed until you presented it to them.

Either one of these tactics is sure to boost sales which, in turn, promises greater revenue.

8. Invest in technology that matters

Moreover, driving your business towards success will require you to make certain investments.

Aside from investing in your business directly, you should also invest in proper office space, proper furniture and, most importantly, proper equipment.

In order to be able to perform up to the best of your abilities, you need to have proper equipment that will enable you to do so as seamlessly as possible.

However, don’t just run around like crazy buying every single piece of the latest technology you can find. Rather, focus on hardware and software solutions that are actually crucial to your business.

9. Know your limits

Next, even though every business needs to work towards expanding and growth, it is very important to understand your limits.

Just because you would like to be able to grow your business that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can grow it. At least maybe not just yet.

So, before you make any rash decisions and start expanding your business too soon, first make sure that you will be 100% able to support the expansion–both financially and time-wise.

10. Market research

Finally, make sure you conduct regular and frequent market research. The fact of the matter is that the modern business world is an ever-changing environment that requires constant monitoring.

New trends, tech, and practices are constantly popping up in all spheres of the modern business world which means that only the ones that manage to stay up to date and on top of those changes can ever hope of reaching success.

On the other hand, failing to do so will make your venture stuck in one place and managing to push through that point may prove to be more difficult than you thought–if not even nearly impossible.

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As mentioned before, all of these strategies bear equal importance for business success. This means that only the businesses that manage to employ all of them correctly will be able to progress further and reach certain achievements and accomplishments.

Therefore, if you too want to join the successful crowd, this is where you need to start.

Contributor: Emma Sumner

A business strategist and life coach. Sumner Life Coach Academy.
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  1. I have learned in order to do many of the things on this list properly you’ve got to have that solid business plan and use it as your foundation. It really creates focus and means everything!

    1. I totally agree! Having a proper plan sets the path and makes for a more smooth process, and therefore achieving everything else becomes easier!

  2. I agree with all of these – that’s a very interesting point about customer retention (I hadn’t looked at it that way) and I definitely need to incorporate more market research into my business. You’ve also reminded me that I never finished my business plan, oops!

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