A Laptop Dilemma..Mac vs Everything Else?

Here’s a somewhat huge hiccup on the way..

I had a different post planned for this week, but due to unforeseen changes, I am writing about this laptop predicament.

Since literally everything I do in my life right now is either dependent on or done through a computer and an internet connection, having both of them up and running at all times is a matter of life or death to me!

And, I must say, I’m quite furious at my laptop right now for crashing (for the third time in less than 2 months) and forcing me to write this week’s post on my iPad. For me, writing on a touch screen is as tormenting as it gets. I mean I text on a touch screen, but I’m not used to “writing” in that manner. I feel like my thoughts just go out the window when I have to “tap” them all out; besides, a few minutes into writing and my fingers and hand muscles start to ache. I’m still thankful though that I didn’t have to do this on my teeny-tiny 5s screen…

So, I need to get a new laptop, but I need some help deciding on which brand/model I should get.

I’m currently using the 2009 16″ Satellite A355 Toshiba laptop. It has been working great up until recently and, not to be ungrateful, I honestly believe no other laptop would have lasted that long with my heavy workload and my unfriendly (and sometimes abusive) usage habits. It almost never overheats and, well, it has been working nonstop for the past TEN years! (Right, so, maybe I shouldn’t be so furious at it. It’s time to put it to rest.)

But, even thought this specific Toshiba model has proved to be efficient and durable, I don’t feel like getting another Toshiba. I feel that there are probably far better, more versatile options out there.

What I’m looking for in a laptop is one that A. can endure high workload (such as having 20 windows/browser tabs open and running a photo editing/video editing app while playing music/video in the background, for 8-10 hours straight) without overheating and without running slow, and B. has a practical keyboard, one that I would feel comfortable typing on with speed. That is all.

I have been searching online but I still can’t make a decision. I thought I made my mind on buying the 2018 MacBook Pro 13″ then I read some reviews about how bad the keyboard is. Also, some say it overheats easily.

I was going for the MacBook option for the safer side of security given its OS and everything it has built-in to protect you online as much as possible; and also the fact that I already am an Apple user, so I’m kind of used to the brand. However, I also don’t want to pay that huge sum of money and find myself still forced to type on my tablet or my old laptop because the keyboard is a pain in the neck.

The other laptop that I had my eyes set on was the 2018 Dell XPS 13″. It looks better than the MacBook Pro in my opinion, and it has everything Mac has, except for the Mac OS, of course. But it seems that it is not available in the Egyptian market yet. So, this one has been ruled out as well.

If you are a tech geek or just a heavy laptop user and know of a good model that would fit the requirements be so kind as to let me know here or in the comments.

Hopefully I will manage to make a decision and get one within the next few days so that I can get back on track with work and research.

Till then, happy days (and healthy laptops)!


Author: Ray

Because a goal is a dream with a deadline, I started my one-year journey to achieving financial freedom. On those rare hours of day when I'm not working on that goal, I'm writing fiction, watching a film, or feeding birds.

6 thoughts on “A Laptop Dilemma..Mac vs Everything Else?”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your laptop crashing out. I am always a big advocate for Apple’s MacBook Pro line. Forget about the Air or the plain MacBook. It’s definitely worth the investment – it’s made to handle a lot of tasks and it’s so sleek. My previous MacBook pro lasted me 10 years before I decided to buy a new one. It still works but I wanted something smaller and recent.

    Nancy ? exquisitely.me

    1. I was really more inclined to getting the Macbook Pro too. It appears though that the older versions were better than the 2018 ones.. I can’t tell for sure though. But I know they changed the keyboard in the new Macbook Pro which made it more uncomfortable.

      Which Macbook version did you get now if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. You want to look for something with a decent amount of RAM but it doesn’t sound like other specs bother you, so were I you I’d go to a store and play with the keyboards, see which ones take your fancy. Windows Defender is pretty solid so no fears there. I wouldn’t go for a Macbook because the price is high for what it is and they’re harder to fix if something goes wrong.

    1. I see. Well, I’m getting more indecisive by the minute now..lol But I like the idea of going to a shop and just checking the keyboards to help me choose. Thank you for weighing in. 🙂

  3. I bought an Apple Macbook Pro in 2017 and ended up going for the 2015 version and I love it! At first it was a struggle to get used to the keyboard, but it loads so much quicker than my old Laptop which was HP. That one used to take ages to load up, but this one takes seconds. I love mine, and totally get what you mean about typing being better than tapping for writing! I hope you’re able to pick which one is better for you xx


    1. Thank you. I haven’t settled on one yet. But so far Mac Pro seems like the better option given what I’m reading online. Does yours overheat quickly though? I’m really worried about that because I will be using it a lot.

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