The Best 10 Email Types To Send Your Email List Subscribers

If you are still trying to build an email list or if you find yourself often running out of ideas for emails to send your list, you will find 10 different email types in this post that will help you find more material for your emails.

The Best 10 Email Types To Sen Your Email List Subscribers

Having an email list, whether you are a blogger, a business owner, or a content creator of any type, is crucial to you because it is the only sustainable way through which you can reach your audience and/or customers.

Before starting this blog, I did a little bit of research to see what were the most important points to pay attention to as a newbie blogger. And one of the most common pieces of advice that old-time bloggers had was that they wished they had started building their email lists earlier.

It appears that many bloggers think they should wait until they are somewhat established and have grown a following before attempting to build their email list.

This is not exactly a great strategy because building your email list will not happen overnight. It will take a long time and a lot of work to get people to want to give you their emails. So, the earlier you start building that list the better.

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I know that many of those who haven’t started building their email list yet haven’t done so because they either don’t have a clear idea for what they can send their subscribers or don’t have enough time to dedicate to emails on top of the blogging and other content creation.

However, if you start out with a plan in mind, knowing the different types of emails you can send your list, it will make this a much easier and quicker task to do and coming up with content to send your subscribers will become effortless.

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10 Email Types To Send Your Email List Subscribers

1. Welcome email

This should be the first thing that you set on your email service provider when setting up the service. Create an automated welcome email to be sent automatically to anyone subscribing to your email list.

In this email, you will first introduce yourself and maybe explain the purpose of your email list, and what the subscriber is to expect from being on this list.

You can also introduce them to your blog and the important links they may want to check first.

If you have free tools and services, you may also want to mention that as part of the introductory to your blog.

You can send this out as a single email, or you can turn it into an email series. So this can be spread over 3-4 emails.

It all depends on the amount of details you are about to provide in each email and also your preference.

If you’ll be sending out a series of emails, however, careful not to overwhelm your new subscribers; spread them out to be at least 2-3 days apart.

Unless you originally made it clear on the subscription page that they will be receiving a series of introductory emails for the first x number of days, it can be a turn off. I know I have unsubscribed from email lists for that same reason.

2. New posts

You can set an automated email to be sent to your list when a new post is published on your blog. And there are two routes you can take for this:

  • Send a notification to your subscribers with a short intro/excerpt and a link that will direct them to read the full post on your blog.
  • Or you can set it to send the full blog post in the email, so subscribers can read the entire post in their email.

Whether you would go with the first or the second option, I would highly recommend that you only send this type of email once a week.

So if you post more frequently, you can send one email at the end of each week that has all the posts that have been published throughout that week.

3. Surveys/Polls

Most people like to share their opinions, especially if it is a topic of interest to them. And you can send a poll or a survey to your list for all kinds of reasons.

Maybe you are about to make changes to your blog and you want to see how they will find these changes.

Maybe you want to know what their take is on a certain topic that you discussed earlier on your blog. Though, make sure to link to that post along with the survey, so they can go take a read, if they haven’t already.

Another thing you can survey your email subscribers about is their preferences. If you blog about more than one topic, send out a survey to see what they are most interested in so you know what to send them in future emails.

You can even set this one as an automated email to be sent a day or two after the welcome email, so you can categorize your subscribers according to their preferences from the beginning.

You may also send them a poll related to an upcoming post or project. I usually do this on social media, like the below poll where I wanted to know how often people send out emails to their subscribers, and how many haven’t set up an email list yet.

You can send out the same thing in an email to your subscribers. This will make them feel involved and will also lead to more engagement with your content, just make sure to mention that there will be a post about this topic coming up soon.

These are just a few examples, but you can really take a survey about anything you can think of, as long as it is related to your blog/business.

4. Inspiring material

Sometimes you may run into something that inspires you, whether it is related to your blog niche or just something that is life-related. It can be nice to share such findings with your subscribers every now and then.

This could be a video you watched, an article, a quote, etc. Send them whatever has inspired you and mention in what aspect has this been inspiring.

Share your thoughts and encourage them to share their own thoughts on this with you. You could also ask them to reply back with something they found inspiring recently.

5. Exclusive tips

Depending on the type of website you run, you can adjust this one to match your niche accordingly. If, like me, your blog is more on the educational side, where you share extensive information on certain topics, then you can set aside some information to send to your email list subscribers only.

This way, you are giving your emails more value. And your subscribers will see a point in being on your list. They receive more than just the blog post that everyone already has access to read.

6. Offers and giveaways

If you provide a service or if you sell a product, from time to time, you can make a special offer to your subscribers by giving them a discount or having them be part of a giveaway.

This type of email you can send on 3 separate emails. First email you can announce that on a specific date, this deal/giveaway will take place. This will be especially helpful if the offer has certain rules that they will need to be familiar with.

Then send a second email to announce that the offer is now available, instruct them on how to claim it and how long this offer will last.

Depending on the response rate and also the type of deal, for example if it has a deadline, you can send those who did not claim the offer a third email as a reminder before the offer ends.

7. Blog/website updates

Every now and then, you can send an email with the changes that you made to your blog/website.

It could be that you have added a new feature, updated terms and policy, looking for collaborators, offered a new service, etc.

This will keep your subscribers informed with your site changes. And if your changes require some form of interaction like finding a collaborator or offering a service, you might get a response from interested subscribers or have them spread the word out to others who could be interested.

8. Personal updates

This is something that can make your subscribers feel more connected to you as a person. Sharing personal updates like some happy news or big life changes that you are going through at the moment will make you relatable and will generally create good energy between you and your subscribers.

Or maybe if you are going through some kind of a struggle or a tough time, you can also share it with them; maybe ask them for suggestions, if anyone has been through such situation and how they dealt with it.

It is nice to share something personal every now and then and make your subscribers feel connected to you, but careful when approaching this to not treat your email list subscribers like your Facebook friends. Your subscribers will still want content. That’s why they subscribed.

So unless your blog is a personal blog and they initially subscribed to hear about your personal updates, do not overdo this one.

You can always share a bit of personal news inside any other email you send, if you don’t wish to dedicate an entire email for just personal updates. This way, you will make the personal connection while still providing them value. A win-win!

9. Behind-the-scenes look

One of the things that will make your subscribers feel that they are getting more perks than usual blog followers is if they can be part of your process.

People who are subscribed to your email list are mostly interested in what you provide and, therefore, being involved in the creation process of whatever it is that you offer on your website can be interesting to them.

You can use this however you see fit. If you have a podcast or a Youtube channel, you can share some bloopers or part of the process of how you create the finished segment.

If you have a product that you are working on, you can share how far you’ve reached creating it by sharing photos of it, for example.

If you are trying a new service or tool for your blog or business, you can also share how your experience is going so far.

10. Questions

Sometimes, you may feel like you really can’t find something to send. No matter how hard you try to come up with something, all you get is crickets.

This is where this type of email can save you. You can ask your subscribers to weigh in on different matters.

For example, you may ask them if there is a specific topic they would like to see on your blog or a certain product they want to see added to your shop, or maybe there is something that they would like your advice on that is related to your niche.

Offer your help and ask them to send you their questions and/or suggestions. They will mostly appreciate the opportunity that you will take time out of your day to help them out or hear their suggestions.

This can also lead to some very good suggestions from their end or some nice interactions.

In the worst case scenario that you don’t really get any helpful suggestions or questions, at least you will have managed to come up with an email to send that is also useful.

Simply put, this email type can never go wrong.

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There are plenty of other ideas you can use for emails to send your list. I only picked 10 of the ones I found to be the most effective based on my experience sending emails to my list as well as receiving emails from the hundreds of email lists I am subscribed to.

How about you? Do you have an email list or not yet? Have you tried sending some of these email types before? Do you have different ideas for emails to send? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next week, happy days!


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    1. I have seen that more than twice a week seem to bother most people. Once a week seem to create the perfect balance, because you don’t want to send too many emails, but you also don’t want them to forget about you.
      In my humble opinion, anywhere between twice a week and twice a month is okay. What should determine this for you though is the content of your email.

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